What can I say, I am an artshole.  I make, write about, think, organise, eat, breath, love, hate, talk and sneeze art.  If you ask me why, I will tell you it is because I failed as a poet but when I say that, I am just being cute.   This site will record some of what I do but the really interesting stuff I will reserve for my friends in the real world.  Here you will find traces and phantoms and residues.


I am a co founder and director of INDEX. Art Space.

I am currently one of three directors of a 4 day contemporary art festival in the rural NSW town of Kandos called Cementa.

I am a working photographer specializing in art documentation, event photography and photojournalism.  My professional work can be seen at alexwisserphotographer.com.au

If you really love reading cv’s, here is a ripper: alex_wisser_CV_full

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